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Dec 4, 2013 9:00am PST
is very marked in the united states. is there a sense in washington this could become a big election issue? >> i think it could be. one thing the president did mention and white house officials have said is that this is sort of a preview of some of what he'll be talking about in the state of the union speech. not only today is, he's going to be talking about when he gives his state of the union address. that takes us into the midterm election cycle we're going to be seeing getting very, very fierce in the next several months. yes, you're going to hear the president talk about this more. we are dealing with divided government. i mean, they can't even avoid a government shutdown it seems at times. and by the way, that is also looming in the start of next year. and so to think that the republican house of representatives is going to hike the minimum wage, extend emergency unemployment benefits and do all of these other infrastructure and shakes enhance thements that the president would like to do, investments the president would like to do is not realistic at this point and the president is n
Dec 6, 2013 9:00am PST
south africa's first multi racial election he helped welcome the 19959 rugby world cup to south africa. then would he won it. it couldn't have been a better story. his soccer legacy though came years later when south africa was awarded the honor of saging the 2010 world cup finals. the ailing former leader was there at the end of it all. it he didn't attend the early part. let's bring in cnn sports. i was honored. i got to go there, cover it. it was awesome. it was such a thrill for a football fan. talk about mandela's role in getting the world cup to south africa and what it meant. >> for nelson mandela, sport was everything and allowed for harmony he brought across everybody. it allowed for hope to be generated through sport where there might not have been hope ever before and he was very instrumental in being there in 2004 when fifa awarded south africa the ability to host the world cup and then you're looking at him here in 2010 and that was a major moment. the crowd gave him a standing ovation and everybody in the stadium could actually -- it was described as kind of spine tinglin
Dec 9, 2013 9:00am PST
to be finished, but after mandela was released and after those first elections in south africa, so much more of this continent has become democratic. it's not a coincidence. >> christiane, so many world leaders when you talk about the leader of cuba, the united states and europe and african countries, it could not be more diverse. do you think there is a lesson, a takeaway they can come away from mandela? because you have such an incredible diverse group of world leaders who govern differently. >> wouldn't it be great. wouldn't that just be wonderful. there are certainly many leaders out there, many conflicts that could be resolved if a little bit of mandela's forgiveness and inclusion was employed. many long time dictator and authoritarians who make take a lesson out of mandela's playbook. he stepped down after one term. he promised to serve one term and kept that promise. sure, there are many, many leaders out there who could take some serious lessons to what mandela proved as a leader on the world stage. >> and particularly the areas of compromise and the like, too. >> and forgiveness. >>
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3